What's going on
Apparently we can't use the word 'tumblr' in a url. Go figure.

I wonder what's trending this week.

Will you press the button?

There’s a small group of picture shots running around tumblr tonight from a website called willyoupressthebutton

You can either do something great with horrible consequences, or do something horrible with great consequences, or not press the button at all.

My guess is that more buttons are going to be pressed than cookies.

Hot dogs?? Or legs??

There’s a new blog that’s sweeping tumblr by storm called hot-dog-legs.tumblr.com

Are they hot dogs??

Are they legs??

We really have no fucking idea.

Cookie Clicker

There’s a new game going around called the cookie clicker and it’s really addicting holy shit.

It can be found here

The basic premise is, you click the cookie, you get achievements.

That’s it, that’s the game.

Little memes have spouted up about it but other than that it’s just a really addictive game everyone’s playing.

Personally, I’m at 3,000

Apparently all my cookies bring the boys to the yard.

If only my text posts did the same….

Lifehackable or Tumblrhackable?

In the trendy world of tumblr this week, a new blog called lifehackable has popped up which has accumulated all of the regularly cycling ‘life hack’ posts that have been going around since the beginning of tumblr.

Their recording of literally virtually every thing imaginable has spawned people commenting on various gifs, pictures, and photosets with ‘Lifehackable:’ preceeding the comments.

Lifehackable posts varous different ways to ‘hack life’ but lacks any actual explanation on how to do the hacks other than the single photograph with which they are printed on, which, more often than not, is a fairly simple and explanatory picture.

Their posts have been revolving around tumblr at an alarming rate. First they hack life, then they hack tumblr. What’s next on their agenda? I don’t know. Why are you asking me I don’t run that blog.

Edit: Multiple copy blogs have popped up over the past several hours alongside multiple different fake lifehack pictures depicting very dangerous things to do

Don’t fucking do those things okay.

Welcome To The Night Vale

Another update on something trending on tumblr

Welcome To The Night Vale has apparently sprung up out of literally nowhere and taken tumblr by storm.

nobody knows where it originated or how it got so popular but we should apparently stay away from the dog park and bullets can’t kill people anymore?

Investigation should be done, but I’m afraid of what i’ll find.

What’s trending in SSB, Tumbling in!

Due to the recent reveal of the three new characters in the next Super Smash Bros video game, the internet has been taken by storm within the last day to create obviously fake but still hilariously done “Aproaching Challenger” screencaps

They range from fakes of hank hill to well done cosplay gifs of the actual new characters like The Wii Fit Trainer Girl

This will probably be a big thing for the next week or half-week so hunker down or make some of your own!

I don’t really care either way it’s your trend this week anyway.

E3 happened

That’s really basically it

Expect everything video game related for the next week and a half at least

Gotta fuze ‘em all

There is a renewed trend going around on the Pokemon side of tumblr called Pokefusion that’s taking the website by storm.

Pokefusion popped up a few years back and was vaguely popular among Pokemon fans, but it has recently gained a mass amount of popularity, spawning out ridiculously named and horribly made pokemon fusions that have become so popular that some have spanned their own fanart

It doesn’t look like it’s going to stop for a while so rev up those fuser-oh wait wrong meme

Bitch it might be Tuesday May 14th, 2013

The newest thing spawning tumblr this week is the now memetic comeback “Bitch I might be”

It’s origin dates from Gucci Mane allegedly telling a judge “Bitch I might be” When asked if he was guilty of a crime he committed.

This exchange did not actually happen in court but the response from the saying was immediate, spawning multiple different reaction picturesets and gifsets, most notably from The Most Popular Girls In School, where a great majority of the meme is being used.

It’s now being hailed as a reaction to virtually any questionable post put out on tumblr.

Are we going to keep seeing it?

Bitch we might be

The Cosplay Elitist Trend

May 5th, 2013

Due to a recent outbreak in the fandom side of tumblr over a particularly popular Jake English cosplayer’s responses to a series of asks sent to his inbox, there has been a new meme popping up in the fandoms that has spawned a brand new saying that goes as follows:

"Im sorry, you must not know who I am. 

Im (insert name here). the cosplay elitest. and I dont have time for talk of cosplay that isnt canon.

I cosplay hard. I cosplay with passion. and I cosplay correctly. this is  a passion. this is a talent. and this is somthing I do not have shit-heads suggest for me to “hey dude do this” casually with no reasoning behind it.”

Because of this cosplayer’s reaction a number of memetic pictures have popped up literally overnight, mocking his response and pushing out a more positive light towards the fandom and cosplayers telling them not to listen to people with over elitist attitudes.

Expect this meme to go around for a while.